I went to the mall and there’s the starting was called like it’s not there anymore like forever moments or something like that. You go and they engrave things like glass they’ll engraved and they had a little stainless steel collection and it was a rubber bracelet  with the stainless steel ID tag and it had a stainless steel clasp I can’t find it. I know I have it somewhere but just over the years it’s got shuffled into a box or something. But I had them engraved you code because it’s just before I started and I was really excited about everything and that bracelet I kid you not went through everything from A to Z and it always looked good. I got compliments to you, a nice stainless steel bracelet, I’d explain it to them and it was a very good piece. And I was impressed and surprised about how long and how durable that bracelet was. And just look at these pieces, they’re So old been sitting away. And this guc watch is stainless steel that I got it for Christmas ten years ago,looks brand new practically just by sitting there. I’ve worn it to some nice dinners and things, but it looks very good for old and how long it’s just been sitting there. The big plus and the obvious factor and why you should choose stainless steel Jewelry is because of the tarnishing on oxidation factor. It simply doesn’t happen that much. So you know pieces like this, I mentioned It’s just been sitting there for years and years. You might think, well, what else is it supposed to do? It’s sitting there you’re not wearing it. Why would it change?

Because take a look at these silver pieces. I don’t know if you could see that, but around perimeter. You could start to see some discoloration. It’s brown and gets darker. And that’s what you get with silver. And I haven’t been using these. These has just been in the drawer sitting there, but it does happen over time. and with stainless steel not so much so that is a huge benefit. It’ll stay the same. These look brand new, no discoloration, no oxidation tarnishing. So it’s definitely worth your while exploring if you should buy a stainless steel Jewelry because you know over time, it’ll hold up. Stainless steel is also very durable. When you’re talking bracelets, rings, It’s a good option, because gold as we know can scratch easily. Same with silver. So very tough. It’s like at the tank of jewelry when we cut, we talked about metals. It is just very resistant to a lot of different factors. And when you’re working with it, stainless steel, It’s the same way. It’s not easy to work with it. You can’t bend it as well as you could like gold so there it does have, it’s limitations as far as a manufacturing standpoint. So but that being said it’s very good to have and to just if you want something you could always wear and not really worry about it. Now if you are going swimming in a chlorine pool or something like that every day you might experiencing some punishing issues but just from day to day simple wear it won’t be that much of a problem.

The other great thing about stainless steel Jewelry.

it is the price, it is very cheap to make and to buy, so you can add some fun pieces. I mean obviously I overspent on the guc watch and a Lb bracelet than I should, but if I was just on ebay looking for like a skull ring or something cool to switch it up, that’s kind of a costume piece of jewelry to wear, stainless steel would be a great route, because I throw it in the drawer and maybe once a year. I wear it and I don’t have to really worry about it tarnishing and you might bring the point up. So don’t compare that with silver against stainless steel.

You kind of have to go with your preference .

Obviously, silver has a different look overall, it’s more of a brighter, wider look. And stainless still has a darker kind of more just a darker tone to it. So that is another thing you can easily spot the stainless steel piece just because it doesn’t really have to luster that the gold and silver have. The other question I get is if I buy a stainless steel that’s plated with gold, will it last longer? Is not, because it’s not going to tarnish , guys when we are talking about plating. I don’t care if you play gold over a rock eventually, the plating is going to wear off and the under lining alloy metal will show. So even if it’s a stainless steel Jewelry with gold plating you have to realize and be comfortable with that plating is going to wear off over time. So it doesn’t matter what the underlying metal alloy is. That plating will wear off because the plating is so thin on these pieces. So keep that in mind you just have to be okay if you want to buy a stainless steel piece and like to look you just have to be ok whether it’s played or not. some places will guarantee that it’s a lifetime, guarantee send the piece back in, they’ll replayed, that’s all great.  but you at the other day you have stainless steel piece which is fine.  Me, personally I would never buy another stainless steel piece. Maybe a watch. But as far as chains and things like that. I don’t know. I know a lot of dog tags and heavier pieces are made of stainless steel. I think they’re fun pieces. If you made a big dog tag with a big chain in gold, you’re looking at two three thousand dollars compared to three hundred dollars. So sometimes it’s worth, it just to go with a less option like a stainless steel, because it’s still going to be durable, which is a big key. Don’t want to worry about it ever tarnishing or changing colors.